Selecting the right contractor for your home renovation is as important as finding a builder for new construction (and often more difficult).

In many ways renovation is more complicated than new construction. Living Stone takes special care to select materials and techniques that are consistent with the existing architecture. We work with your architect to assure that new work ties in with the existing structure—floors meet, rooflines intersect…soffits and fascias match.

Renovation is a special skill set—one Living Stone Construction has been cultivating for as long as we’ve been in business. We apply the same standards and values to renovations as to our new construction.

"I've known Sean for ten years and think he's a great guy all the way around. His reputation of integrity and honesty follows him wherever he goes. He sacrifices job profitability to ensure quality by keeping a supervisor on each job. That's why he has such high job satisfaction and why every homeowner we work with just loves the guy."
Mark Sluder of Morrison Millwork