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Darrell Hess

Real Estate & Construction Sales Manager

Real estate and construction sales manager

Whenever Darrell gets asked where he is from his answer is always everywhere. Darrell has traveled all over and lived in well over 60 different homes in his time so far but the mountains of WNC is where he calls home. Not afraid of new adventures, Darrell always looks for the positive in a situation and what he can learn from them to share with others. After graduating college with a physics and astronomy degree Darrell found his calling in helping others in their personal life and housing goals. As a real estate agent for 15 years, Darrell takes great pride in helping others in the endeavor of investing in real estate or building their dream home. Always one to take on a challenge, if you have Darrell on your side then you can rest assured you are in good hands.


  • What has been your favorite Living Stone project?
    • The Sennett Residence is one that I’ve liked since 2018. I’ve always thought having a pool looking out over the mountains of WNC would be a dream.
  • What are your 3 favorite activities to do outside of work
    • Disciple my kids and love my wife
    • Philosophize on the ways of the world
    • Research new tech
  • What values would you defend to the death?
    • I probably fall into the mindset of François-Marie Arouet in which I may not like what you say, but you should have every right to say it. Freedom of speech is certainly a big one for me. Integrity in all things is right up there as well.
  • What is your secret talent?
    • The ability to talk to anyone
  • What is your favorite Asheville area restaurant?
  • If you could have one superpower what would it be?
    • I’d love to have Wolverine’s powers of super healing ability that slow aging. There is so much I want to do in my time given and time is against me.
Real estate and construction sales manager

Contact Information

Office: 828.318.3907

706 NC Highway 9
Black Mountain, NC 28711

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