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Build Green

The Living Stone Difference

For over 20 years now, Living Stone Construction Inc. has been exceeding expectations through the renovation and new construction process for clients by building happier, healthier lives. After years of seeing homeowners dreams vanish before their eyes from the result of a broken system, Living Stone put together a cost-competitive business model that extended beyond just the construction portion of the home. We diagnosed each aspect of the building process and created a holistic approach through professional partnerships to offer a full service, construction lead, Design+Build company. Here’s how we bring the ultimate value to your project:

Real Estate: We have partnered with the most knowledgeable realtors to help you locate a building lot, or home, that is within your budget. We can then arrange to get your new property properly surveyed for the next step in plan development.

Plan Design: We have sought out the most creative architects and the most efficient plan designers to offer Design+Build services. This means Living Stone has input on design specifications, finishes, and square footages that will fit your program AND budget. We can offer you the choice of building custom with one of our architects, or semi-custom from one of our model plan designs.

Design/Building Performance: We have partnered with building scientists who perform a design evaluation before we ever begin construction. They will be an independent third party that will perform duct blaster and blower door tests, perform energy modeling and process the documentation to obtain your energy discounts, saving our clients money for years into the future.

Construction: We will validate the cost of construction by composing a detailed estimate of your project and then track the actual costs through the end of construction. With a dedicated supervisor on your project, you are assured to receive the highest quality and greatest value for your investment.

Selections Coordinator: Living Stone has turned what could potentially be a stressful experience in the construction process into an enjoyable memory by utilizing our interior design partner. Not only will our design partner offer excellent recommendations for finishes that will ultimately give you a more functional and healthy home, but they will also give you value options and work to keep you within budget. Maximizing energy efficiencies (with treatments) and controlling indoor air quality (with proper finishes and furnishings) are two vital parts of this process that are often overlooked.

Communication: All of our projects are managed through a sophisticated software system, complete with an mobile App for your phone. All communication, scheduling, selections, financials, and comprehensive information are channeled through the software so that you never miss a deadline, are left out of a decision process, or left wondering what the bottom line is.

Financing: We are proud to present the missing piece to the construction puzzle by partnering with banking institutions that will provide the lowest rates and fees while at the same time giving you a quick pre-qualification.

Warranty: In addition to our 20+ years of building an impeccable reputation for excellence and value, we felt it was important to give our clients peace of mind by offering a third party transferrable (10 year) home warranty on all new homes.

Living Stone offers what we feel all clients deserve, the ability to ENJOY the building process. By forming partnerships like these, we have been able to keep our overhead low, stream line the Critical Path, and add value to our client’s investment. We encourage you to talk to our references and see for yourself what makes Living Stone Construction THE builder of choice.

Green Building

This House Smells -The Dangers and Opportunities that IAQ Present in Homebuilding

This House Smells -The Dangers and Opportunities that IAQ Present in Homebuilding

“This house smells…different than the rest. Actually, it doesn’t really have a smell?!” said Mrs. Lee as she walked into the Parade of Homes entry I was manning last year. Mrs. Lee, like many other visitors in years past, noticed what most builders are missing across the country, the fact that IAQ is important.

I had the privilege, two years ago, of sitting in a research lab think tank with seven other top builders from across the nation. The question was posed to us “What is the greatest concern that you have about the homes that you are building today”? Each builder at the table said that they were concerned about building homes so tight that they might be poisoning the people that move into them. When they got to me, I was dumbfounded by their answers and had to ask my own question, “Are you using a rater”?

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We are thrilled with our green built home designed and built especially for us by Living Stone Construction. The care they took in choosing materials and using sustainable building practices are allowing us to enjoy excellent air quality inside our home while we realize amazing savings on our energy bills.
Carol and Warren Strittmatter