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Preventative Maintenance Plan

The Living Stone Preventative Maintenance Plan for Peace of Mind





As a luxury home builder fixture of the WNC community for almost 30 years, we have come to learn that homes are about relationships. Our goal is to partner with you and provide a turn-key plan for your maintenance needs and peace of mind. While it is an invaluable resource to have a first-response team on speed dial to help you with your maintenance emergencies, we have learned over the years that a good preventative maintenance plan will limit if not completely mitigate the needs for emergency response. Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about your sump pumps failing while you are out of town?




Living Stone Design + Build is a membership-based luxury home management group. Membership grants you exclusive access to a Living Stone Concierge Consultant, dedicated to the care of your home, and to our trusted network of subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers. Your Living Stone Concierge is your single point of contact for all aspects of home management, from the initial comprehensive home assessment, through regular maintenance and repairs, and on to future renovations. Contact us today for more information or to get started with your Preventative Maintenance Plan.



Living Stone Concierge delivers single point of contact service, so you no longer need to worry about finding trusted service contractors or waiting countless hours for them to show up. When there are third party workers in your home you can rest easy that your Living Stone Concierge will be there monitoring and ensuring a quality job is done.



Comprehensive Assessment

The best defense is a good offense. Our comprehensive assessment is designed to detect and prevent unforeseen issues in your home and deliver you a unique home care program. Our service program will maintain your property, ensuring its optimal performance. Using the results of your comprehensive assessment, a custom maintenance program will be developed to meet the needs of your property, ensuring the long-term value and reliability of your home.



White Glove Approach

As repairs and upgrades are requested, we will coordinate and supervise every phase of the process. We will commit to ensuring all work meets the highest quality standards.



Personal Experience

Experience counts. We provide vast knowledge in luxury home building and remodeling. Our expert team will be there every step of the way to provide a seamless renovation of your home from initial design to completion.



Personal Partnership

At Living Stone Concierge we believe you should spend your time enjoying your home not maintaining it. Let our team manage the time-consuming day-to-day essentials of caring for your property. Enjoy exclusive access to the Living Stone Concierge team and our network of professionals as your personal partners in home management.



Comprehensive & Thorough

Living Stone Concierge offers a wide range of services tailored to manage the unique features and challenges of your property. Additionally you will never receive a comment that something falls outside of our scope. We intrinsically understand that service is a luxury and we are here to serve you.


Michael Blackstone

Michael Blackstone

Warranty & Finish Manager

As the overseer of our Preventative Maintenance Plan, he meticulously examines every detail of your home to ensure it is perfectly finished and maintained. With a wealth of experience in home construction and renovation from his years with various trade-related companies, Michael is the ultimate guardian of Living Stone standards. Beyond his professional expertise, Michael is a family man with a son, residing in the charming community of Old Fort. Entrust your project to Michael, where craftsmanship meets care.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the plans billed?

Bronze plan is billed Quarterly, Silver and Gold plans will be billed Monthly.

When do I get my first inspection?

When your first payment is confirmed, you will be contacted and we will schedule the first inspection at a date convenient for all parties. 

What repairs are included in the membership?

Minor repairs that can be made during the date of inspection will not be charged, (door adjustments, filter replacements/cleaning, minor touch ups, etc.).

What if I need to reschedule an inspection?

We will work with you to move an inspection to a date that is convenient for you. If a last minute cancellation is necessary then we will try our best to accommodate but may need to move the inspection further out.

Will I get to see the inspection report?

We will send the full inspection report along with our recommended actions.

If I want to do the repairs myself or hire someone else, can I?

You can choose which, if any, items you want us to take care of.

Will I get a quote on the repairs beforehand?

We will get any items that you would like us to handle quoted and sent to you. No repairs will be made until quotes are approved by you.

When can I start/cancel my membership?

Memberships can be started and cancelled at any time. If repairs are already started then membership will be cancelled upon completion of repairs. 

Contact us today for more information, and how to get started with your Preventative Maintenance Plan.

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