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About ID.ology Interior Design: 

ID.ology Interior Design is an award winning, full service, Interior Design firm specializing in design for new construction and renovation. ID.ology guides clients through the, sometimes daunting, venture of building a new home or renovating. Hand in hand with you, the builder, architect, superintendents and subcontractors, ID.ology works cohesively to achieve the best collaborative service. Our goal is that this exciting journey will exceed your expectations as well as create a beautiful, quality, home to fit your budget. Skylar Kitchen

How the process and relationships work:

ID.ology begins the design process by collaborating with you and your design/build team to create and finalize your home plans. The team is made up of your builder, designer, architect, superintendents, energy raters, subcontractors and vendors. Once the plans are complete, we move through each phase of construction to assist you with the hundreds ofnecessary selections and decisions to complete your home. There are several distinct phases of the building and selection process. ID.ology will guide you through each phase with care and consideration of your vision, budget, life and family. When interior and exterior selections and decisions are made, ID.ology governs the communication between all parties to ensure everything is ordered and implemented according to your full vision.

ID.ology will conduct and lead a “rough-in walkthrough” for each project to design the HVAC, plumbing, gas, lighting and electrical layouts. Placement of registers, switches, outlets, fixtures, etc. is especially important with regard to ease of use and the visual aspect of your home. This walkthrough is done in collaboration with the builder, superintendent, and the associated trades to determine placement of rough-in components, and prepare necessary drawings. 

The ID.ology design team will be involved at all appointments with vendors and subcontractors to ensure costly and unsightly mistakes in the construction and design of your home are avoided.

(i.e. a client visits a vendor on their own to select an exhaust fan to be installed over their outdoor grill, the salesperson sells an upgraded fan with a high quality blower, but all failed to consider the visual impact the blower of the particular model selected would have on the roof of the home, while there were other alternatives to this unsightly mistake)

“I will gladly spend $100 in design time to make sure my $15,000.00 kitchen investment

is properly designed and executed!” J. Wilson

How our design service benefits you:

ID.ology participates in annual builder and design conferences and completes continuing education to obtain the most up-to-date certifications. We are constantly researching the newest products, applications, design techniques and trending colors on the market. We are skilled in the negotiation of competitive pricing to provide the best value and aesthetic for your home.

Consultations with the designer provide valuable details and allow us evaluate your vision and lifestyle. We learn how you currently live in your home and how you want to live in your home. Long-term desirability and long-term living in your home is achieved by the way of Designer proficiency, Universal Design and AIP “Aging In Place” components. Some of the most important considerations when designing for comfort and convenience in your home include: evaluation of traffic patterns, flow, kitchen layout, furniture placement and functionality, and lighting.

Our relationships with area vendors and fabricators provide us with high quality, high value resources for products to be used in your home. Even though our vendors are experts on the products they are representing, they are not experts on the overall design of your home. The ID.ology team’s expertise and product knowledge provides you with an invaluable resource for making the construction of your new home FUN and EXCITING!

ID.ology renders CAD and 3D drawings and elevations to help you visualize our suggested applications in an effort to avoid costly “re-do’s” as well as to specify product ordering and detailed instructions for subcontractor installation.

ID.ology’s Promise To You:

• To be the difference between creating a mediocre home and a beautiful, well designed home.

• To maximize the energy savings of your home by way of specific products and applications

• To introduce you to and guide you through selection of green products and certifications if you choose

• To save you money on products, services and your overall project

“Laura and Amy saved us $1000.00 on our granite! Refreshingly, they are not the typical designers who don’t take budget into consideration” C. Levine

• To give you peace of mind by guiding you through the selections process. Determining the next steps and decisions to be made is our job – we guide you through each step of a sound decision making process.

• To create a space of joy, comfort and contentment

• To make all selections and recommendations on the basis of budget consideration, your vision, market trends, and your life

• To provide product and finish selection coordination with adjacent materials, colors, and spaces – we make sure it all works beautifully together! (For example, there are at least 10 different finishes to be coordinated in a kitchen alone)

“Laura created a unity and flow throughout our home based on her consideration of how each finish would meld with surrounding finishes and spaces. All things that I wasn’t capable of visualizing myself” P. Bruder

• To assist you in avoiding costly and unsightly mistakes

• To make sure you get what you want as well as provide creative solutions to your needs

• To increase time efficiency in vendor and subcontractor meetings by reducing the likelihood of changes and revisions resulting in increased cost, delays and mistakes.

• To facilitate the communication of selections to superintendents, subcontractors and vendors, to result in a smoother and more timely project.

• To ensure functionality, lifestyle and furnishings are all being considered throughout the process; from the planning phase to move-in and long after.

• To assure comfort and security are further considered through advisement of window treatment options.

• To assist with garnishing and furnishing your home using your existing furniture, accessories and artwork as well as guiding you through sourcing new items hand picked to fit your home.

“Design isn’t merely the beautiful, creative, aesthetic. Design is fundamentally more. Design is usability, science, architecture, convenient, accessible, and livable. This is all design.” L. Sullivan

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