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The Settings
The following are a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is the process for getting into the Settings at the weekend?
The gates are open from 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. This is a private community and prospects must be accompanied by Realtor at all times. Please do not send clients in with MLS sheets to drive around on their own. Sunday the gates are closed but operable by entering the access code available from ShowingTime.

The code changes on the 1st of each month, and Jane Fuqua at IP will update this code monthly as it changes. Should this not be updated, Jane can be reached at 828-650-6867 or

2. Are there any outstanding assessments at the Settings?
There is an assessment of $1,200 that has been approved by the board for the finishing of Phase one roads. Check with your agent for an update. As at January 2013, yearly dues are $1150 whether you own a lot or a home.

3. Will there be a pool?
The homeowners decided to wait until there were a lot more homes so that more people would have a say regarding the pool. There are two thoughts on this – some people would enjoy the pool while others do not wish to pay for the upkeep. Many homeowners enjoy the low fees in the Settings which are lower than other communities where golf courses and other amenities have to be maintained. The HOA is currently recontouring and landscaping the proposed pool area to create a clubhouse green for community activities. This could be changed later if the majority of the members desire.

4. How many homes are built?
As of Spring 2013, there are seventeen.

5. How many homes are about to be built or in design review?
As of Spring 2013, there are 8.

6. Can we use a builder of our choosing?
There is a preferred and approved builder list for the Settings – see below. These area builders are expert in mountain building requirements and techniques and many have built multiple homes in the Settings. However, if you wish to submit your builder for review and they are accepted onto that list, you may use your own builder. This generally adds a couple of months to the building process.

7. What is the process for the residents using the Clubhouse?
The residents can reserve the entire clubhouse for two events a year at no cost other than a cleaning fee. For small groups the clubhouse is available at any time at no cost if not previously reserved.

8. Is the Settings debt-free?
The Settings is completely debt free. All common areas including the beautiful clubhouse were transferred to the HOA in Oct 2011.

9. Are there any foreclosures at the Settings?
Like most newer developments around the country, the Settings has a few foreclosures that offer excellent values to people looking to purchase in the short term.

10. What are the main goals of the HOA?
The HOA would like to see homes built that keep up the great quality started in the Settings, with homes from $500,000 – 3m. Homes go through an all-important design review process, and are built by preferred and approved builders.

11. What is the minimum SF in the Settings
The size of the home depends on which lots are chosen; for example, the cottage lots have a requirement that is smaller in SF than an estate lot.

For example, a cottage lot requires a minimum of only 1200 sq ft for a one level home or a 1000 sq ft main floor for a two level. An estate lot only requires 1800 sq ft for a one level or 1400 sq ft on the main floor for a two level home.

12. What are some other key requirements in the covenants and restrictions?
One example is that no trees may be cleared until construction begins. Any tree 6″ in diameter or larger outside of the home’s building envelope must be preserved unless Design Review Board approved. This protects the forested slopes, member views, and privacy.

Natural materials are preferred for use on the exterior of the home. However, some synthetic products such as “cementitious siding” are allowed while others, like “vinyl products” are not. Full covenants and restrictions can be obtained by the management company.

13. Who is the management company?
The Settings is managed by IPM, the contact is:
Jane Fuqua, CMCA®, AMS®
Community Association Manager
PO Box 580
2602 Hendersonville Rd
Arden, NC 28704

14. What is the build-out time at the Settings?
As at November 2012, there is no build-out requirement, which means a lot can be purchased now and built on at any time in the future

15. Has the HOA been handed over to the residents from the developer?
The developer relinquished all control and claims over the Settings in Oct 2011. The debt free assets of the Settings are completely in the hands of the HOA. The HOA is led by an active, elected, professional group of home and lot owners in the Settings. This group is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the community lifestyle and member investment. The community financials are transparent to all members and constant updates of board activity are communicated by mail, email, newsletter website and annual meeting.

16. Are there any lot home packages available?
These will be available in the coming months, put together by the preferred builders.