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JELD-WEN Ups the Ante on Wood Window and Door Performance … Again

CHARLOTTE, N.C. ̶ When it comes to wood, JELD-WEN is not only changing the game, it’s completely rewriting the rules. The company is tightening its stronghold on pushing the limits of wood window and patio door performance by introducing a new industry-leading lifetime limited warranty on all of its products made with solid pine AuraLast® Wood. JELD-WEN has also formed a partnership with OSI, which offers a premier installation system that helps ensure proper window and door installation to prevent energy loss and water penetration.

“We’ve taken a three-prong approach – the best warranty, installation method and technology – to deliver the most reliable wood window and door products on the market,” said Elizabeth Souders, director of product management for JELD-WEN.

An industry-transforming approach: The beauty of JELD-WEN AuraLast® Wood

JELD-WEN introduced AuraLast Wood nearly 12 years ago and revolutionized the market with its proprietary vacuum-pressured treatment process that helps protect solid pine wood all the way through to the core. With the unique ability to protect against rot, termites and water saturation, wood could finally be considered a resilient, long-lasting choice alongside other highly durable, weather-resistant window and door materials. Yet AuraLast Wood also offers the beauty and design flexibility that homeowners, builders and architects appreciate about real wood.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, from rainy and humid climate zones to regions where termites are a constant threat, JELD-WEN’s AuraLast wood window and door lines are designed to go where others simply can’t.

AuraLast’s strong performance is further enhanced with JELD-WEN’s new installation system partner. The OSI QUAD Window Installation System provides assurance that the installation is done properly. The system’s methods and components are designed to help solve the problem of moisture penetration and air loss due to improper installation for both new construction and replacement. OSI also offers a certified training program for window and door installers, the first of its kind in the industry.

“AuraLast Wood delivers the richness and beauty of real wood, without the high maintenance and worry,” said Souders. “Now, we’ve added even more peace of mind with an even better warranty and a great installation offering.”

Wood is the new black for 2014: With the housing recovery, JELD-WEN is confident that wood windows and doors are heading for a major comeback. Yet the lessons from the past couple of years still resound strongly and it’s clear that homeowners also prioritize value for their dollar and a good return on investment.

JELD-WEN is responding by expanding its offering of AuraLast products with the launch of a new swinging patio door this spring. In addition to the reliability of AuraLast, additional performance options include: energy efficiency choices and multiple structural performance options, measured in design pressure ratings (DP35 and DP50), and an ADA-compliant option for easy accessibility. This door will be available in more than 300 configurations, including a variety of heights and widths, and can be further customized by adding operating sidelights and transoms.

“Homeowners are willing to invest a bit more in their home for top quality and splurge for great style that will last, but they also want to know they are making a smart investment and that performance values will be there for the long term,” said Souders. “With AuraLast Wood that does not rot, the choice is easy.”

AuraLast is available exclusively from JELD-WEN as part of the company’s wood window, patio door, exterior doors, door frames and trim board offering.


For more than 50 years, JELD-WEN has built its reputation as one of the world’s most reliable manufacturers of windows and doors. Today the company offers a full breadth of stylish windows and doors, and has earned numerous awards and endorsements for dependability, innovation and excellence. With a strong commitment to sustainability, JELD-WEN also is a recognized leader in manufacturing energy efficient products – providing solutions that deliver exceptional value for builders, architects and homeowners all over the globe. JELD-WEN has been an ENERGY STAR® Partner since 1998. For more information about JELD-WEN, or to find a dealer, visit or call 800-877-9482.