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Every home Living Stone builds is Energy Star Certified and receives a HERS rating.  With this rating our clients also receive a projection of energy usage for their home.  We are excited to announce that we can now offer an ENERGY USAGE GUARANTEE!  The home warranty we offer through Bonded Builders has just announced a new program for our clients.  

Save Money Building Green with Living StoneBonded Builder’s Energy Guarantee is a unique way to enhance the HERS rating we secure on each home by making it just that, guaranteed that the house we deliver will actually preform as designed, without any risks!

This program is designed to capture those buyers desiring such energy savings and also to attract potential buyers who are learning that energy-efficient homes is where they need to be focusing their efforts towards. 

The easiest way to describe the process would be if a home is slated to consume $1,000 of energy throughout a year, any amount over that is paid back to the homeowner at the end of each year, up to $1,000 (100% of the anticipated amount). 

For instance, if a home is slated to consume energy in the amount of $1,000 and after 1 year the homeowner used $1,200, we would send the homeowner a check for $200.  Subsequent years are reset at the $1,000 and any overages are paid at the end of each year for 2 years!