Michael Blackstone

Warranty Specialist

Sean Sullivan

Michael is a Finish Manager with Living Stone Design + Build and is the ultimate keeper of Living Stone standards when it comes to finishing your project. Michael examines every detail of your home to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. He is experienced in all aspects of home construction and renovation having worked for multiple trade related companies for many years. Michael also spent 4 years as a web developer. He has one son and lives in Old Fort.

  • What has been your favorite Living Stone project?
  • What are your 3 favorite activities to do outside of work?
    • Fixing things
    • Helping my family with projects
    • Riding motorcycles
  • What values would you defend to the death?
    • Integrity
  • What is your secret talent?
    • Cooking really good food
    • Jack of all trades – I can do everything
  • What is your favorite Asheville area restaurant?
    • La Carreta
  • If you could have one superpower what would it be?
    • Flying

Contact Information

Office: 855.720.2435


121 Sweeten Creek Rd. Ste. 70

Asheville Design District

Asheville, NC 28803