The Miller Residence – 2004

And 25 Years in Business

By Sean Sullivan | April 8, 2022


I started this company as an owner-operator in ’97, hoping to eventually build custom homes. It took a while to grow my team and portfolio, but eventually I got there. In 2004, I had a big breakthrough with our first custom home to be featured in a magazine – the Miller Residence.

Living Stone Design+Build The Modern Farmhouse

The Lot Matters

This home was really challenging for me because the lot was at such a steep angle. Tim Miller is an architect in Florida, and actually contacted me with plans already drawn out for his home, but we had to adapt the plans to the grade of the hill with architects and engineers that I partner with.
This lot was so steep. The back deck had to be specially engineered because it’s so high off the ground. Setting the foundation for the deck, we poured concrete pillars, I’m sure you’ve seen that before; cylinders that are maybe 5 feet high, and a couple feet in diameter. These were 27 feet high, several feet around, and there were lots of them. I was nervous watching those get installed, but that curved back deck is one of my favorite features.


We could not have found a more trustworthy person than Sean, nor a better group of individuals at Living Stone to build our house! Our Family lived 500 miles away when Sean and Living Stone built our house in 2004. He had our complete trust, and he never disappointed us! He built us a beautiful home that we still enjoy and love to this day! He and his family have remained friends with our family after all these years, and we greatly value their friendship!” -Tim Miller


Gratitude Attitude

I get to wake up and be excited about my day. There are people who trust me to create things for them. I’m grateful for the opportunity to build happier healthier lives. I know for a fact that everyone on my team will tell you the same thing.

To show our gratitude, and to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we will be donating $100 to a charity every day for the 25 days leading up to our anniversary party on June 4th. Each of our 23 Living Stone employees have chosen a charity, listed here. The two other organizations are the Black Mountain Fire Department, and the Black Mountain Police department because they have served us while the Living Stone Office has been in their jurisdiction over the past 25 years. 

The Anniversary Party will be an opportunity for us to show gratitude towards our past and current clients, and our trade partners. There will be music, food, and beverages.