Top Ten Design Flaws – building new and remodeling

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Guest: John Petri, Petri Architecture


In part from “Patterns of Home” by Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein and Barbara Winslow, with eye of adjustment towards resale.


      1. Ignoring Site Characteristics (trying to force preconceived ideas or plans)
      2. Insufficient programming (thinking/talking it through)
      3. Over building (too much square footage can weaken design integrity)
      4. Poor Circulation (function of space and relationship to neighboring space)
      5. Indoor/Outdoor relationships (underused)
      6. Lacking sufficient light
      7. Layering spaces (when to – when not to) and Creating Spaces In Between
      8. Proportions (functional & aesthetic) & Curb Appeal
      9. Materials & Colors (stay neutral/classic w/o professional assistance)
      10. Resale … remember resale!! (design for yourself yes, but consider 2nd owner)