The Ambry Bath


Reimagining Bathrooms with the Ambry Bath Concept

The Ambry Bath concept, coined by the accomplished interior designer Laura K. Sullivan, has become a defining approach to bathroom design in contemporary homes. This visionary concept has found a perfect match with the custom home building company Living Stone Design + Build, and it has become a signature element of their innovative home designs.


The Ambry Bath concept challenges conventional ideas about the separation of closet and bathroom spaces, seamlessly merging elements of rejuvenation, luxury, organization, and personal style. Let’s delve into the key aspects of the Ambry Bath as it’s embraced by Living Stone Design + Build:


Rejuvenation and Self Care

Living Stone Design + Build recognizes that a bathroom should be more than just a utilitarian space. The Ambry Bath concept transforms it into a haven for rejuvenation and self-care. It’s a place where individuals can relax, pamper themselves, and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.



Luxury is at the core of the Ambry Bath concept, and it aligns perfectly with the values of Living Stone Design + Build. This goes beyond the ordinary fixtures and materials found in bathrooms. Instead, it integrates opulent features and finishes that elevate the entire experience. From high-end lighting fixtures to premium materials like marble and custom cabinetry, luxury is woven into every aspect of the Ambry Bath.

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In addition to offering a luxurious experience, the Ambry Bath is characterized by a high level of organization, which is in line with Living Stone Design + Build’s commitment to functionality. Smart storage solutions, such as custom closets and well-planned shelving, ensure that the space remains clutter-free and well-organized.


Personal Style

The Ambry Bath recognizes the importance of individual style, and Living Stone Design + Build embraces this concept fully. It’s a space where homeowners can express their unique style. This can be achieved through careful selection of fixtures, color schemes, and decorative elements that align with the homeowner’s preferences.



Open Concept

The open concept design of the Ambry Bath is a standout feature. Unlike traditional bathrooms and closets, which can feel confined, this concept blurs the lines between the bathroom and clothing storage areas. This openness creates a sense of spaciousness and light, making the Ambry Bath feel like a natural extension of the home rather than a separate room.


Harmonious Blend

The hallmark of an Ambry Bath is the harmonious integration of all these elements. It’s not just about having luxurious features or impeccable organization; it’s about seamlessly weaving all these aspects together to create a holistic and balanced bathroom space that harmonizes with the overall design of the home.

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Curated Elegance

Living Stone Design + Build understands the significance of “curated elegance.” In the Ambry Bath concept, every aspect has been thoughtfully selected and designed with intention. It’s not about excess or extravagance but about creating a refined and sophisticated atmosphere that resonates with the discerning tastes of their clients.



In summary, the Ambry Bath concept, as envisioned by Laura Sullivan, has become a defining feature in the innovative designs by Living Stone Design + Build. It represents a transformative approach to bathroom design that surpasses traditional boundaries, providing a luxurious, organized, and personalized sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-expression. This concept aligns perfectly with the company’s mission to create custom homes that reflect the evolving nature of interior design, where innovation and creativity continually shape living spaces to better meet the needs and desires of homeowners.


About the Author, Sean Sullivan

About the Author, Sean Sullivan

Sean got his start in the construction business in 1994. Today, he’s the President of Living Stone Design + Build, and is an Accredited Master Builder, Certified Green Professional, Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, and author of Building a Quality Custom Home: What you Need to Know. He also teaches continuing education courses for builders and accreditations through the NC Builders Institute. Sean loves western North Carolina and the Asheville community, and lives in Black Mountain with his wife, Laura Sullivan.