The Settings of Black MountainLSC has been a major part in my tenure as a Certified Lighting Consultant/Administrative Assistant for as a major collaborative partner, Lux Lighting & Design. 

We have worked on smaller ‘modest’ projects, to large-scale near “mansions”. The “thing” that sets LSC apart from many other builders I have encountered in my career is the meticulous and spectacular craftsmanship that is maintained throughout each and every project. Working closely with the LSC team, Owner Sean Sullivan and his team of professionals and incredibly knowledgeable Project Managers, that see the projects from start to finish, maintaining the excellent and almost seemingly proprietary craftsmanship, no matter the square footage of the project or the budget. 

Each project that we at Lux Lighting get to collaborate with LSC, is always a treat and wonderful experience in building a working industry relationship. 

Lastly, speaking for my team at Lux and the entire team at LSC, we look forward to working with you, should you make the right choice, in allowing us to work with you on your lifelong dream home, large or small. 

Byran Lunsford, Lux Lighting and Design Firm