What About Storage?

The Importance of Adequate Storage in Home Design


If you are like most Americans, you accumulate stuff. Stuff takes up space, sometimes a lot of space.

importance of storage in home design

Our builders understand the need for great storage spaces. 

We know How Stuff Accumulate


Over the years, you may have accumulated things with sentimental value, seasonal items (decorations you use once a year), or extra playthings for those wonderful visits from the grandchildren. In the homebuilding process, many people fail to take into account their need for storage or sufficient mechanical space, and if they do, they generally underestimate the amount of storage space they will need. In a new home design, people are generally willing to pay more for a home with adequate storage than a home with more finished space that’s seldom used (e.g., extra bedrooms). Adding storage space can be accomplished in the early design stages if your builder knows this is a priority for you. The additional cost is minimal as long as your builder knows well ahead of time so he can direct the designer accordingly.


Storage Solutions for Different Home Types


If you live in the north, you know that most homes are built with basements, which are an excellent place for storage. However, for homes built on slabs or with crawl spaces, you don’t have that option; instead, attic spaces are often used. Some people want a separate structure, and storage sheds can be planned if requested. Another common storage solution is to create spacious walk-in storage closets within the home itself. It’s easy to create storage space in a walk-in, easily accessible, partially finished attic. Access is often located on the second story with entry from a common area such as a game room or shared space.

If you’re building a one-story home, a common place for storage is the attic space above the garage. Your builder can make changes to roof framing to allow for light storage and easy access above the garage.


Safety Considerations and Value-Added Benefits


You should consider our country’s demographics of an aging population, and be sensitive to the safety of using a pull-down ladder to access attic space. Upgrading these access ladders to light commercial aluminum ladders is money well spent for the safety and ease of access for you and any future homeowners.

You can also design attic spaces above garages that have their own separate set of stairs. The stairs are much safer than pull-down ladders; they are often not carpeted and have a very simple handrail for safety. This is an additional, value-added benefit not only for the homeowners’ safety but also for resale value. It’s important to think through your storage and mechanical needs as you begin to design your new custom home.




Don’t forget about storage. Tell your builder how much of a priority storage is to you and look for opportunities to look for inexpensive storage spaces.



-Sean Sullivan


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