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The Sefcik Residence

The Sefciks were a delight to build a home for in 2014. Jan and Rich are still Living Stone advocates. In 2022, they sent us a letter about how happy they still are to have a Living Stone home.

Our homes age well because we don’t compromise on quality. We only use materials and finishes that are low maintenance. In addition, all our homes are certified for Aging in Place. We take a lot of time to communicate what that means to our clients. There are many upgrades that you won’t notice on your house for several years. Exterior paint, for example, is very expensive to upgrade, but it pays off ten years down the road when your house still looks new. When shopping for builders, many people compare broad metrics like the price per square foot, so these small specifications are rarely noticed. However, after eight years of owning a Living Stone home, our clients have saved time and money by choosing to build with quality first.

This residence was built using a pre-designed plan called The Ava Simone, with a few adjustments.
If you’re considering using a plan, check out this blog post. Taken from a chapter in Sean’s book, it discusses the ins and outs of a pre-designed plan vs a fully custom design/build.