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Age By Design

Aging in Place

A truly green home is one that is not only healthy and sustainable, but also ONE THAT ACCOMMODATES YOUR LONGEVITY IN IT. Living Stone homes are designed to keep you enjoying your home for as long as possible. All of our Aging In Place designed homes ensure that you will retain your independence, protect your investment, and add value over the long-term.

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LOW MAINTENANCE – From the materials of your home’s exterior to the shrubs and patio, we ensure that your home is easy to care for over a long period of time.

ACCESSIBILITY – Coming home should feel effortless at every age. We eliminate common dangers and inconveniences as you approach the entry of your home, taking special consideration to eliminate unnecessary steps. Even your storage spaces are designed to be easily accessible and functional.

OVERALL FLOOR PLAN – We design our Aging in Place homes so that everyday living activities happen on the main floor or are accessible with an elevator (or future elevator).

INTERIOR DETAILS – We select attractive and practical materials that are beautiful and easy to use. This includes
an extra emphasis on lighting, lever door handles, and curbless showers.

SPACE PLANNING – We design your living spaces around daily activities, such as cooking and entertaining, so that they happen in the most comfortable and convenient ways possible.

COMFORT – Homes designed using Aging In Place principles not only provide you with a home that suits you at all ages, but also provides you with exceptional comfort for visiting friends and family.