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Age By Design

Aging in Place

A truly green home is one that is sustainable; one that grows and even ages with you. Living Stone homes are designed to keep you enjoying your home for as long as possible. All of our Aging in Place designed homes ensure you will retain your independence and save money over the long term.

711 Blue Mist Way

LOW MAINTENANCE – From the materials of your home’s exterior to the shrubs and patio, we ensure that your home is easy to care for over a long period of time!

ACCESSIBLE ENTRY – Coming home should feel effortless at any age. We eliminate common dangers and inconveniences as you approach your front door, taking special consideration to eliminate unnecessary steps.

OVERALL FLOOR PLAN – We design our Aging in Place homes so that everyday living activities happen on the main floor.

INTERIOR DETAILS – We select attractive and practical materials that are slip proof and durable, ensuring that there are flush transitions between spaces.

We design your living spaces around daily activities such as cooking and entertaining, so that they happen in the most comfortable and efficient ways possible.

Even your storage spaces are designed to be easily accessible and functional.

Dr. Steve Levine Testimonial

“The process of design/build and creating something that is so energy efficient is a miracle to me. Sean has a way of putting things together so that we get the product that we want and then he puts together the quality product that he knows he can build.”


Paula Bruder

I couldn’t be more pleased. Michael and I feel like we are on vacation, every time we walk into the kitchen. Frank and all the crew has really made this project go smoothly, and I can’t thank Living Stone enough.


Frank Wiesner

“Sean’s ability to effectively and efficiently communicate both in a way that not only gets the job done but gets it done with a commitment to excellence has enabled him to be a leader among his building industry peers across North Carolina. I have known Sean for close to 10 years and have a great professional and personal admiration of his work and character.”

FRANK WIESNER, Executive director, NC Licensing Board for General Contractors

Bonnie Holstein

I have to comment on everyone’s integrity. Everyone has been of the highest caliber and truly made us feel like they care about us as people, our satisfaction and that we are getting a home, not just a house. I rate every aspect of this process, every member of this team and every subcontractor, an A plus!


Daren Pinkerton

Sean and Frank have done excellent work in the community and have a great reputation so there was no where else we would go but to them when it was time to build our new home.


The Transitional Craftsman for George and Stanlee

It’s special, it’s wonderful and I keep pinching myself because I cannot believe that this is our home.  Living Stone Construction, headed by Sean Sullivan more than met our expectations. They hit a grand slam out of the ball park. This house is amazing!


Gary Holstein

The energy efficiency of the house has made it very comfortable through some very extreme weather and our energy bills have been remarkably low. The energy star rating of the home has really paid off. Truly, I haven’t had energy costs this low in 20 years.


Sarah Watkins Testimonial

“Building can be stressful. You put the money thing on top of all the details of building, and that puts a lot of strain on people. Living Stone took a lot of the guess work out of it. It was a fun process for us. It really was!”


Rich Sefcik

I don’t know why someone would not choose Living Stone to build their home. It is such a polished production that gives you a polished complete finish. You have no doubt that the product you have is the house you dreamed of!