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Green by Design

Non-toxic + Sustainable Building

There’s green and there’s Living Stone green.

All Living Stone homes are green by design. We mindfully select each element that makes your home a happier, healthier place to live. To us, green is not a catch phrase or an upgrade. It is how we build each home with the highest integrity. Our stewardship of your comfort and health guide every step of our design to build process, and is the heartbeat of the Living Stone difference

ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN – From the high efficiency windows, to the insulating concrete form, specialty plumbing fixtures, heat pump water heater and efficient HVAC system, the plumbing, heating, and cooling infrastructure in every Living Stone home lowers your energy bills and keeps you comfortable with the lowest energy outputs possible. All of our homes are Energy Star and NC Greenbuilt Certified.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY – Many builders and homeowners overlook the importance of airflow and best practices that can improve air quality. Our architects, builders, and interior designers prescribe non-toxic materials to lower risks associated with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

PASSIVE SOLAR HEATING – Living Stone homes are designed and built to retain as much heat as possible, using and maximizing the principles of passive solar heat.

SOLAR PANELS – many of our custom and semi-custom homes make use of solar energy. Panels are installed subtly, often unnoticeable from street level.

CHEMICAL ABSORBING DRYWALL – We optimize the safety and health of your home by utilizing a drywall substitute that eliminates VOCs and absorbs other toxic gaseous  materials.

LOCALLY SOURCED MATERIALS – To keep our footprints as small as possible, we source as many of our construction, landscaping, and furnishing materials from nearby as much as possible.

LANDSCAPE AND DRAINAGE – We partner with landscaping architects to create drought-resistant and low-maintenance garden designs. We ensure proper drainage techniques to keep your property and your land safe and low maintenance.