Partner by Design

Strategic Partnerships Customized for Each Client

From the beginning of your project, we assemble a team of hand-selected partners to support you in the design and building of your happy, healthy home. The synergy of these partnerships produces an unparalleled design and building experience, a key element in the Living Stone Difference.
Partner by design reference image
  1. REAL ESTATE: We partner with the most knowledgeable realtors to help you locate the building lot, or home, that is perfect for you.
  2. PLAN DESIGN: We partner with the most creative architects. In this way, we have input on design specifications, finishes, and square footages to ensure the design always fits your budget.
  3. DESIGN / BUILDING PERFORMANCE: We partner with building scientists who perform an evaluation before we ever begin construction. These scientists conduct tests, energy modeling, and obtain energy discounts, saving money for the life of your home.
  4. CONSTRUCTION: We compose a detailed estimate of your project and then track the actual cost through the end of construction. With a dedicated supervisor on your project, you are assured to receive the highest quality and greatest value for your investment.
  5. SELECTION COORDINATOR: Our interior design partner offers excellent recommendations for finishes that will give you a more beautiful and functional home. Maximizing energy efficiencies (with treatments) and controlling indoor air quality (with proper finishes and furnishings) are two vital parts of our success and savings process.
  1. COMMUNICATION: All of our projects are managed through a sophisticated software system, complete with a mobile App for your phone. All communication, scheduling, selections, financials, and comprehensive information are channeled through this software so you never miss a deadline or budget update.
  2. FINANCING: We are proud to present the missing piece of the construction puzzle by partnering with banking institutions that will provide the lowest rates and fees while at the same time giving you a quick pre-qualification.
  3. WARRANTY: In addition to our 20+ years of building an impeccable reputation of excellence and value, we also give our clients peace of mind by offering a third party transferable (10 year) home warranty on all new homes.