Getting Creative with your Empty Nest


Many baby boomers are finally saying goodbye to their adult children, who are moving out of the house and starting the next chapter in their lives. While some empty nesters are excited about this new phase, it can be a stressful time for others as they deal with this time of transition in their lives.

When your kids move out and you’re faced with an empty nest, lots of questions come to mind. Should you move and downsize? If you stay, how should you use the kids’ rooms? What other changes should you make as you get older?

If you’ve made the decision to stay in your home – at least for now – it’s time to figure out how your house can work better for you in this the next chapter of your life.

Sullivan to bring passion to the NCHBA 2015

North Carolina Home Builder magazine WINTER 2014

Empowerment. That’s what incoming-NCHBA President Sean Sullivan says is going to be a hallmark of his term in 2015. He wants to empower members, local associations and executive officers with the tools they need to continue to keep North Carolina the #1 state in our federation.

North Carolina makes up about 10 percent of the National Association of Home Builders membership, so our state plays a critical and powerful role there. However, Sullivan says he thinks our NCHBA membership is somewhat lethargic, and he wants to reinvigorate the membership in 2015.

“We lost a lot of tradespeople in the Great Recession, and as a result, our local associations lost a lot of members,” Sullivan said. “We also have many executive officers who have less than two years of experience on the job. I want to enable the local associations, by providing assistance and mentorship, especially to executive officers.”

Sullivan Installed as NCHBA President

December 2, 2014:

The NC Home Builders Association held their 4th Quarter meetings at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. A new slate of officers and regional vice presidents were elected, including the new NCHBA President and were installed in a ceremony that was held the evening of December 2nd. Sean Sullivan, President of Living Stone Construction, based in Black Mountain, NC, was installed as the 2015 NCHBA President.

Sullivan has been building homes in the Western North Carolina area for almost 20 years. While earning his Unlimited Building License and Accredited Master Builder designation, he became the President of the Asheville Home Builders Association in 2008. During his term as president, he oversaw 30% growth of the association. Through the years he has served in many different leadership roles within the local association and then the state association. In 2013, he served as NCHBA Region 10 Vice President before being installed as President-Elect for 2014.

Simple Steps to Create Positive Energy in Your Home

If you’re looking for new ideas to refresh your home, consider taking a few steps to boost your home’s positive energy.

Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement, and is based on the premise that people live healthy happy, prosperous lives when they live in harmoniously designed homes.

Feng shui consultant and interior designer Cynthia Chomos says that a few design fixes can even help with the resale of your home.

“A home purchase is one of the biggest and most significant purchases that a consumer will make. It’s where we rejuvenate and our lives flourish,” Chomos said. “Incorporating feng shui allows us to be more conscious and more intentional with the spaces we inhabit.”

Chomos offers several tips to incorporate feng shui in your home:

Strategically place plants in the path of doors and windows that directly align the front of the home with the back. Doing so, she says, helps keep the positive energy – or qi – in the home rather than allowing it to escape from the front out the back.

Custom Rockcliff for the Heartz

Heartz color full sizeBill and Rebecca Heartz got everything they wanted in the house that Living Stone Construction built for them. They live in a 4,200-square-foot, three-bedroom house in Southcliff, a luxury community in Fairview that is a 10-minute drive from downtown Asheville. “We wanted a casual house with an elegance to it, sort of a mountain retreat. We feel that we really achieved that,” Rebecca said. “Our home is a very calming place. We’re up in the trees. We get up in the morning and hear the birds sing and look out at the mountains.”

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